AGCJ 307
Electronic Media Production in Agricultural Communications

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Week #4 Media Characteristics
Objectives: Determine audio and lighting characteristics and uses during videotape recordings.
Identify lighting sources and types.
Examine the effects of noise, distortion, etc, in audio recordings.
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of various media types.
Examine the four phases of the media production process.
Practice the four phases of the media production process.

Get the Audio and Lighting Basics Study Guide.
Get the Media Characteristics Study Guide.

Bookmark - USDA Broadcast Media
READ - HLSR: The Marvel of Technology
READ - Grounding and Buzz Problems
READ - Production Process
READ - Video Production 3D Animation
READ - Audio Visual Lighting BVBA
Assignments: Submit your Final Brochure/Graphics and Evaluations for both (see Syllabus for details).
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