Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Sample Audience Descriptions

The target audience for this technical communication is any individual who handles, prepares, or consumes foods containing eggs with an interest in Salmonella outbreaks. Readers are expected to have a general understanding of the egg industry and Salmonella. This report is also intended to educate the readers about the seriousness of Salmonella in order to protect the health of people who consume eggs. In addition, this report can be read by anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of food safety and handling, prevention of Salmonella outbreaks, and research studies on Salmonella.

The intended audience of this technical communication includes professionals concerned with global warming and the effects of methane emissions. Professionals include environmental scientists who monitor greenhouse gases and global warming and government leaders of countries with high rice production. Farmers who are interested in the impact agriculture has on the environment might also benefit from this technical communication.

This technical communication product is for electrical or computer engineers with an interest in cost-effective high speed serial data transfer. Readers are assumed to have a general knowledge of computers and common aspects of serial data transfer. The audience is not required to possess expertise in the area of computer technology or serial data transfer.

The target audience for this technical communication is musicians who have an interest in how different materials and makes of drums in the marketplace affect the drums' overall sound in a musical setting. This report also can be read and understood by anyone who is curious about drumming in general and would like to learn more about the physical characteristics of the drums they hear on albums, in concerts, and at live venues.

If any of the above information is incorrect, or needs to be updated, contact Gary J. Wingenbach.
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